What are Magical Blocks? ($MBLK)

What are Magical Blocks?

Magical Blocks ($MBLK) are an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum network and are the main in-game currency in the Dungeons and Legends of Bezogia and all future Bezogia titles. $MBLK runs the economic and transactional layer in the Creators Economy of Bezogia. While, in the Legends of Bezogia and other products, $MBLK serves as both utility and incentive. The possibilities are endless as ZOGI Labs builds with the world a gaming infrastructure and transactional layer that knows no limits. Below is a demonstration of the functions of $MBLK in V1 products of Bezogia:

Just some examples of what $MBLK can be used in Bezogia for (refer to image above):

  • Minting weapons, armor and consumable items

  • Entry to PVP arenas

  • Summoning/Breeding more Bezogi NFT characters

  • Buying XP boosts

  • Paying for NFT items, characters and skins in Bull/Bear Market (in-game NFT secondary marketplace)

The Tokenomics of $MLBK is intentionally structured to always create and maintain a stronger demand for the token than the supply available. A total of 15% of the MBLK supply has been sold in the fund raising rounds and migration with 2 year long vesting periods. Majority of the supply will distribute in-game over years as well as the smaller allocations for the liquidity provisions and the team will have long term cliff periods. Learn more about deflationary processes in trading and pawn shops that reduce and burn the supply of $MBLK, click here

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