Renting (Rental Reward Pool)

The rental reward pool is a pool of MBLK rewards for owners of Bezogi NFTs. When a player rents a Bezogi in-game, a percentage (to be confirmed) of player earnings are added to the Rental Reward pool. Each rarity of Bezogi pays 10% of its earnings as a tax to all rarer Bezogi in supply.

For example, Common Bezogi pay 10% of earnings to Rare, Epic, Mixed-Breed and Purebred Bezogi. Mixed-Breed Bezogi on the other hand only pay 10% tax to Purebreds. This brings significant additional rental reward value to higher rarity Bezogi on top of their increased power level in-game.

Total earnings of each Bezogi NFT owner can be calculated as follows:

Total earnings can be divided into three parts:

Purebred Earnings (No Tax):

Common, Rare, Epic, Mixed-breed earnings after tax (90%):

Common, Rare, Epic, Mixed-breed tax earnings (10%):

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