How do I play ? (Whitepaper V1)

Explore / Quests

The primary gameplay mode in Legends of Bezogia is exploring the magical world of Bezogia and completing quests to gain XP, level up and earn Magical Blocks. Fight legendary memes like Donald Pump, Shiba Inu and Doge to rid the world of the FUD and negativity brought by the FUD King himself. As you complete quests, level up and mint legendary weapons, your character will become more and more powerful, giving you access to further worlds and unique areas.

Bull/Bear Market & Pawn Shops

Bull Market and Bear Market are in-game NFT marketplaces for players to buy and sell their in-game NFT items. In order to allow faster exchange for players, items can also be sold instantly at a discounted rate to pawn shops scattered throughout the game. Beware, pawn shops are notorious for their low ball offers, it’s rumored they are owned by the FUD king, so only use them as a last resort for quick liquidity when you’re in a pinch.


As a crafting game, weapons and items are probably the most important part of the game. Use MBLK, collected from killing enemies and completing quests, to mint weapons and armor to strengthen the attributes of your Bezogi. Your choice of weapon breed will also define which attribute will be improved, so select your items carefully to mold your Bezogi into a powerful warrior. All items can be sold in Bull/Bear Market to other players or quickly pawned to a nearby pawn shop NPC.

PVP Arenas

There are several PVP arenas that are in development for players to compete against each other. One is the arena in Zerkzogia where players can fight each other until only one remains. Another PVP mini-game is Bezogi Kart in Speedzogia which is an arcade racing game.

Players need to pay a small fee in blocks to play in the PVP arenas and can get it back as a reward if they win.

Kill Enemies

The main objective in the game is to rid the world of all negativity. The FUD King has centralized the MBLK supply and is using the blocks to summon a powerful army to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt in the world of Bezogia. Players fight against powerful enemies like Donald Pump and Swole Doge, and hordes of Keyboard Warriors and Trolls. Defeat enemies to farm blocks and decentralize the supply of blocks once again.

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