Trading (Marketplaces and Pawn Shops)

Exchange and Deflationary Mechanisms in Bezogia

Bezogia introduces innovative exchange mechanisms that enhance the gameplay experience and provide players with diverse opportunities within the game's ecosystem. These mechanisms are designed to facilitate seamless transactions, ensuring a dynamic and engaging environment for players as well as a seamless and swift exchange for their items for instant liquidity. Allowing the player to continue gameplay, the transactional layer to generate fees and an amount of $MBLK to be burnt.

Bull Market and Bear Market

The game features two primary marketplaces, the Bull Market and the Bear Market. These virtual reality marketplaces offer an immersive experience, allowing players to list individual or multiple items they've earned, minted, or wish to resell. The diversity of revenue generation within the ecosystem is further enhanced as more items are added.

Pawn Shops of Bezogia

Pawn shops, strategically located across the game world, offer players instant liquidity for their minted in-game items, albeit at a discount. This concept is twofold: it provides an incentive for players in need of immediate $MBLK for in-game use and benefits the game economy by ensuring a healthy turnover back into the reward pools. This also ensures a consistent inventory of items available for other players to purchase. By offering items at a steep discount, pawn shops deter players from solely selling items for $MBLK, encouraging them to explore better pricing options in the marketplaces.

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