Game Technology

Game Engine

The World of Bezogia is built in Unity 2020.3.28 and is coded in C#. Unity is a powerful game engine with good performances on all platforms and the high level of flexibility we need to create a complex and innovative game.

For our multiplayer engine, we use Fusion. Fusion is an ESport grade multiplayer engine made for professional developers offering the highest performance no matter the gameplay or where you are on the planet. We use areas of interest so that players only receive information from nearby players and enemies to drastically reduce the bandwidth usage and improve the client performances. Fusion brings cross-platform compatibility, allowing up to 200 players per server to play together on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Game Server Infrastructure

Our server infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Unity Multiplay for matchmaking and game server fleet services. This allows us to scale game servers horizontally to match the number of concurrent players, providing essentially unlimited scale in a cost-effective manner. Game servers are opened and closed dynamically periodically to ensure a greater stability of the game.

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