The Keyboard Warriors

This is the tale of the one and only Keyboard Warriors, an elite war band of Trolls that broke away from their king many years ago to form their own clan. The best of the best in both skilled combat and intellect, the Keyboard Warriors wage war on modern popular culture in Bezogia.

Humble Beginnings

The Keyboard Warriors broke away from their king many years ago in an attempt to hold onto the culture that founded their race but was lost to the Troll King’s desire for glory & blood-soaked conquest. The Keyboard Warriors are spiritual beings at heart, they mostly kept to themselves, enjoying a traditional and simple way of life. They liked to write, fine-tune their hand-to-hand combat skills, and document their lives through art, text, bullet comments, and dance. Their existence was one of tranquility, one which was focused on their own self-improvement, without the influence or pressure of the wider Bezogian sphere of influence. In their isolation, they became highly trained, intelligent, and lived a contemptuous life. One day in Bezogia, with the creation of the BNN (Bezogi News Network), this all changed.

The Great Crack

The Keyboard Warriors were rudely interrupted by an encroaching news network called the BNN which seemed to find its way into all of their communications networks. It came fast, it came hard, and it certainly wasn’t true. The Keyboard Warriors, being stalwart and true to their nature were disgusted by the lies the deceit the BNN began to broadcast, it was filling Bezogia with something it referred to as ‘The Message’. This message, designed to drill its tendrils deep into the hearts and minds of citizens Bezogia wide was filled with comments about Woke Bezogia, and how certain Bezogi should receive special treatment for no other reason than identifying as a different kind of Bezogi. It got to a point where the news, spread over the BNN, was so out of touch with reality that the Keyboard Warriors cracked, and hell did they crack hard.

The Great Deception

With the belief that the Bezogi had created the BNN to push their own politically charged opinions all over the world, the Keyboard Warriors, for the first time in their history made the decision that something needed to be done. Little to their knowledge, the BNN was all a hoax created by the Fud King to undermine the next generation of Bezogi, but this was never proven and shut down by the woke Bezogi as a conspiracy, even though it was real. Their swords were sharpened, along with their extremely well articulated controversial opinions and the drums of war started to bang in rhythm. The only thing they needed now was finance.

A Controversial Visit

While preparing to enter an all-out war with the Bezogi to eradicate the spread of fake news in Bezogia, none other than Donald Pump made an appearance in the homelands of the Keyboard Warriors looking for a deal. He needed an army, the Keyboard Warriors needed money. Both parties shared the same toxic opinions on modern popular culture, it didn’t take long for a deal to be struck. With Donald Pump's financing, the Keyboard Warriors began their crusade to fight back against the woke tide of influence spreading rapidly throughout the lands of Bezogia.

The Long Road to Victory

With the goal of crushing any woke-feeling Bezogi in their path, the Keyboard Warriors, using their sharpened intellect, toxicity and opinionated points of view set out on their crusade to rid the world of the modern popular filth that the BNN spews out on the daily. The Keyboard Warriors, now set on their new vision are no longer humble, no longer calm, and no longer passive. With their highly trained and disciplined warriors, they have killed so many so quickly on their bloody road to victory that it’s changed them. They seem to get a sick and twisted thrill out of proving Bezogi wrong using both their intellect & their blades. Pouncing on the weak as they march onwards, the Keyboard warriors are ones to be approached with both extreme caution and comprehensive fact-checking, as if they catch you out, they will end you.

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