What are Bezogi NFT ?

With Bezogi V1 launched in September 2021, Bezogi became the first Rent-To-Earn In-Game Avatar NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that live on the blockchain and can be used to play Legends of Bezogia. The first collection of Bezogi consists of 4096 highly collectible, unique, rare and tradeable characters with different rarity and breed. Bezogi are the first gaming NFT to integrate a WebGL environment into the NFT itself, playable on OpenSea.

The definitive colorways of the renowned Bezogi go far beyond just aesthetics, they have meaning, they have passion and they have soul. Each color represents one of eight unique attributes that coincide with the eight bloodlines of the Bezogi and represents their direct bloodline to the fabled legendary purebreds.

Bezogi come in 8 different breeds:

  • Zerkzogi (Red)

  • Speedzogi (Yellow)

  • Shieldzogi (Blue)

  • Holyzogi (White)

  • Freezogi (Green)

  • Fudzogi (Orange)

  • Darkzogi (Black)

  • Mintzogi (Gold)

Bezogi also have different rarity based on the number of unique breeds in their DNA:

  • Common

    • 3 breeds

  • Rare

    • 4 breeds

  • Epic

    • 2 breeds

  • Mixed-breed

    • 2 breeds exactly 50/50

  • Purebred

    • 1 breed

The rarer the Bezogi, the more powerful its stats are in-game. Common Bezogi have the lowest base stats and least powerful spells, while Purebred Bezogi have the highest base stats and the most powerful spells. Get your hands on one of the elusive mixed-breeds to get access to dual spells!

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