Staking is a fundamental mechanism that allows users to lock their cryptocurrency to receive rewards. Traditionally, staking protocols offered rewards in the form of the same token that was staked. However, Bezogia introduces a unique approach, offering both fixed and dynamic staking rewards. This innovative system ensures that stakers not only receive a fixed allocation of $MBLK but also benefit from in-game revenues generated from various actions.

Rewards for Staking:

  • Fixed Reward Pool: A set amount of $MBLK released linearly over a specified period.

  • Dynamic Reward Pool: This pool accumulates rewards from various in-game actions, such as:

    • Fees from summoning activities.

    • A percentage of in-game revenues, which are in various forms like ETH, USDT, or $MBLK.

    • A portion of the profits from the Bezogi rental pool, paid in $MBLK.

    • Fees incurred from early withdrawal of staked assets.

    • Rare NFT Lottery Rewards: Stakers have the chance to win rare weapons, armors, and items through a lottery system.

Staking Options:

  1. Single Staking Pool: Users can stake their $MBLK tokens in this pool. Once staked, the tokens will be locked for the first 30 days.

  2. LP Staking Pool: This pool is designed for liquidity providers, allowing them to stake their $MBLK tokens. Similar to the single staking pool, tokens staked here will also be locked for the initial 30 days.

Withdrawal Fees

Every time a user unstakes from either of the pools, a 0.3% withdrawal fee will be applied. This fee is designed to support the sustainability and growth of the game's ecosystem.

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