In this whitepaper section, we are pleased to introduce the comprehensive and ambitious roadmap for the MBLK ecosystem. Our vision is to create a thriving, interconnected platform that encompasses a variety of components, including token and staking contracts, gaming experiences, an NFT marketplace, and a social platform. The roadmap presented outlines our key milestones, showcasing our progress to date and the exciting developments we have planned for the near future. As we continue to innovate and expand, we remain committed to delivering exceptional value to our community and fostering a thriving ecosystem for all MBLK enthusiasts. Join us on this remarkable journey as we bring the Legends of Bezogia to life, and together, we embark on a new era of decentralized gaming and digital collectibles.

Key Milestones

Bezoge Token Smart Contract - MAY 2021 (Completed)

Private Alpha Game - NOV 2021 (Completed)

First Cinematic Trailer - APR 2022 (Completed)

Staking Contract - AUG 2022 (Completed)

ZOGI Wrapping Contract - AUG 30th, 2022 (Completed)

Closed Beta Launch - AUG 2022 (Completed)

Closed Mobile Beta Launch - JAN 2023 (Completed)

Public Beta Launch - JAN 2023 (SUCCESS!!!)

Mobile Beta - Q1 2023 (Completed)

Magical Blocks IDO - Q2 2023 (COMPLETED)

Bezogi Summoning - Q2 2023 (Initiated)

$MBLK Listing - Q3/Q4 2023

$MBLK Staking - Q3/Q4 2023 (Testing and Audit Phase)

Liquidity Staking - Q3/Q4 2023

Legends of Bezogia: Dungeons - Q4 2023

Bull Market NFT Marketplace - Q4 2023

Land Sale - Q4 2023

Zogi Hub Social Platform - 2023 (Under Deployment)

Full Game Release (PC & Mobile) - 2023 (ON TRACK !!)

First PVP Arena - 2023 (Under Testing)

First Game Expansion - TBC


The team at ZOGI Labs has always taken pride in innovative approaches to marketing. Being able to create exposure to tens of thousands of users and holders over a short period of time, the diversity of the marketing division has allowed the project to gain holders from every part of the world. From Southeast Asia, the subcontinent, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.

Since May of 2021, influencers have come on board just by being attracted to the concept and vision of Bezoge Earth and this has been followed by mentions and their subscribers becoming holders. So far, Legends of Bezogia has been able to bring on ambassadors like pro NFL players among others. National TV mentions were achieved when the Shiba Brothers (now the Bezoge Brothers), featured on CNN, decided to join the holders' list and generated a media frenzy with a special segment done on Cheddar News, especially for the project. This was seen by millions of viewers worldwide. The team has been very effective at press releases in almost all major crypto news channels and platforms as well as showcasing our product through sponsorships at various events.

Web3.0/NFT 2.0 and DeFi integration

An ambition of the founders has always been to bring a seamless bridge between the physical and digital world. As easy as it is to imagine it, placing it into a digital economy can be very challenging. A value proposition, use case, or utility is always required and thus Legends of Bezogia will be able to meet some criteria and focus on a proprietary solution to work with tangible assets and products. We are planning multiple partnerships with some of the world’s largest retail brands to bridge the gap between traditional and web3 markets and leverage their communities with an NFT 2.0 offering.

Currently under discussion are partnerships with some of the world’s largest retail brands that offer wearables, mounts/vehicles, and consumables. These integrations make the most sense as similar products and services could be offered in both the real world and the Bezogia metaverse. For example, integration with a food delivery app could allow a player to order a pizza to their physical location without having to leave the game and at the same time be rewarded with a health boost for his Bezogi inside the game. Some of these partnerships have reached late-stage talks and the team at ZOGI Labs would be able to provide details to parties that are interested to know more.


Mainstream is where we believe most of our player base will come from, especially with Legends of Bezogia being the first crypto game designed for non-crypto people. Consumers who are accustomed to typical mainstream games should be able to easily log in and start playing our game seamlessly. We will be implementing a similar strategy to mainstream game marketing on social media, search, and partnerships with YouTube/Twitch influencers with strong community followings.

Our game is designed to have fun quests that are regularly updated based on the latest trends in order to encourage the creation of viral content and an entertaining experience for viewers of streams. We will create targeted content and giveaways to capture the online audience, give them exposure to Legends of Bezogia, and create a loyal following and online community around the game and world of Bezogia.

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