Chapter 2: The Golden Age

The Golden Age

The Golden Age marks the birth of the very first Bezogi to walk the epic newly formed lands of Bezogia. These ancient Bezogi were born bearing the colors and magnificent power of the one and only Sir Zogi himself. These primal Bezogi went on to form a council to lead all Bezogian citizens worldwide. Each of the council leaders had control over their vast lands and ruled their subjects how they wished, some ruled brutally, some gracefully, none were equal in size & power and none of them matched the true power of the Prime Minter. The council included the following ancient leaders.

  • The Zerk Lord of Zerkzogia

  • The Speed Master of Speedzogia

  • The Shield Prince of Shieldzogia

  • The Archbishop Holyzogia.

  • Mr Dogeford, Freezident of Freezogia

  • The Dark Magister of Darkzogia

  • The Prime Minter of Mintzogia

  • The Fud King of Fudzogia

The 8 Breeds of Bezogi:

The Zerkzogi

The dreaded Red Zerkzogi are filled with endless unpredictable rage and filled with the desire to fight, kill and consume blood & bone. They live in a world of endless conflict, bloodshed, and war over just about anything that crosses their bloodsoaked path. The Zerkzogi are noble at heart, well dressed and educated, sanguine in essence but utterly mad with rage as soon as any slight inclination of disagreement or conflict arises.

The Zerkzogi are by far the most violent and bloodthirsty breed of Bezogi and they are known far and wide for their insatiable hunger for the death of anything or anyone that gets in their way.

The Speedzogi

The technologically adept Yellow Speedzogi are scouts, messengers, and transporters always on the route. They are the stalkers in the night, the lightning-fast scavengers that will rip the spoils of war right from your hands. They are obsessed with gathering blocks, they scavenge loot and they stalk more powerful cumbersome foes in the shadows and wait. Being much lighter and agile, the Speedzogi are perfect for collecting resources and ambushing prey, Speedzogi avoid combat where possible.

If you meet them alone in the night and you’re carrying blocks, they will certainly be the last thing you will see. Flashes of yellow with rips and shreds from all angles, they will swoop in and loot your drops before you even realize they are there. They particularly enjoy stealing blocks right after a kill and then slipping away into the shadows on the hunt for the next block. Their quest to carry on Sir Zogi’s command of decentralization is a very long and complicated process and there is no way in Bezogia it will be achieved without their ultra-speedy talent.

The Shieldzogi

The stalwart Blue Shieldzogi are the noble protectors that patrol the lands of Bezogia far and wide seeking to protect others from the relentless onslaught of the enemy. The Shieldzogi are well kept, tempered and eloquently spoken. They are often seen polishing their armor and sharpening their swords smiling at folk that stroll by.

Everyone knows the world-renowned Shieldzogi and everyone relies upon their protection when danger is at hand. While the quest of decentralization bestowed upon the Shieldzogi might not seem as grand or complex as other breeds of the land, it is no less important. The Shieldzogi are tasked with protecting and upholding the ancient structures and artifacts that represent Sir Zogi’s revolution of decentralization.

The Holyzogi

The White Holyzogi are the healer breed of Bezogia and their key ability is a sacred 12-word seed phrase, which when chanted repeatedly, magically heals other Bezogi. Mystical purebred White Bezogi are the only fabled heroes who know the full recovery phrase, they keep their magical Recovery Seed Amulet close to their chest.

They treat the special amulet like a child and never let it leave their sight, keeping the sacred phrase a closely guarded secret. While on their quest to safeguard the decentralization gospel of Sir Zogi, the Holyzogi go out of their way to help anyone in need, regardless of their intentions, background or breed. The Holyzogi are known for healing anyone and everything that is lucky enough to cross paths with their, so very holy, soft footsteps.

The Freezogi

The Green Freezogi are a tragic case of total domination, manipulation, and sadistic addiction of pure malevolence and psychotic bloodshed. In the far northern reaches of Bezogia lies a frozen and hostile landscape inhabited by the deeply terrifying Green Freezogi. They, like many other breeds of Bezogi, enjoy the thrill of the kill but with a twist, they are absolutely, totally, and utterly hooked on the noxious gasses encased within the blocks that reside deep within the tundra. When mined, the blocks release a potent gas which when inhaled, sends the Freezogi into a hyperactive psychotic state, filling them with power, unholy stamina, and the maddening desire to inhale more gas.

The Freezogi are no strangers to the pickaxe and keep their spare blocks safe in the bank of Cold Storage, ready to mine for blocks to get their gas fix, then to be sucked deep into their foul lungs. Far removed from Sir Zogi’s grand ideas of decentralization, the Freezogi live ‘free’ in the frozen north, exiled from all responsibility, or so they believe.

The Darkzogi

The mysterious Black Darkzogi were given abundant magical knowledge and were responsible for summoning all kinds of Bezogi, the only known way of breeding new Bezogi. They are known for their insatiable block burning and the dark magic that dwells deep in the depths of Bezogia.

The Darkzogi harness their power by mercilessly burning blocks. They burn them black and suck the life force out of them, repurposing their core energy using terrifying dark magic to summon Bezogi. This gives them their distinctive dark look and power, but at a high price. The Mysterious Darkzogi’s quest to carry on Sir Zogi’s legacy of decentralization is shrouded in mystery, and little is known about it other than their ability to summon new Bezogi into the world.

The Mintzogi

The revered Golden Mintzogi run the lands of Bezogia and command great respect and power. They decide who triumphs and who is crushed under the hammers of the blessed. They are the architects and the craftsmen that shape the land of Bezogia as they see fit.

Following their quest given by Sir Zogi to relentlessly pursue decentralization, the Mintzogi seem to contradict this by seemingly having vast levels of control over all other breeds of Bezogi, with their power in politics, arms deals and trade Bezogia wide. The Mintzogi have been melting down millions of blocks of all colors throughout the ages to craft and refine incredible weapons used by the armies of Bezogia to annihilate their foes.

The Fudzogi

The Orange Fudzogi are deeply entrenched in scamming and back-alley stabbing. The Orange Fudzogi, led by the infamous, fat, and filthy Fud King, live and die for blocks. They are undoubtedly the villains of Bezogia and by Sir Zogi’s will, the world needs a balance between order and chaos, and a world without it would crash to zero. They stop at nothing to collect as many blocks as they can and their murky feudal governance system fully depends on which warlord has accumulated the most blocks, usually by any means necessary.

The Orange Fudzogi thrive on cheats, lowballing and crude engineering, often scamming their victims out of everything they have or luring them into nasty traps crudely designed by their wicked spin doctors. They love a good bit of FUD and use it to their advantage to crash the prices and then lock in massive profits. The Fudzogi thrive in the dip and roll in it proudly, hoovering up the heartbreaking losses of their enemies.

The Chronicle Timeline

1 DCE - 1000 DCE (Decentralized Era)

The Proto-Bezogi built the grant citadel named Bullish situated on the highlands located in the center of Bezogia, right in the middle of the neutral zone which served as the seat of the high council of Bezogia. The council’s task was to take Sir Zogi’s idea of decentralization and make Bullish the heart of it all. A place where all Bezogi could visit and practice their decentralized faith. Bullish stands strong to this day and it’s not without its enemies. All Bezogi, Bezogia wide, must stand strong and uphold the values and traditions laid down in Bullish.

1009 DCE (Decentralized Era)

Eight deeply mysterious keys have been found all over Bezogia, one in each zone. In the early days, Bezogi all around the world believed that these special keys were minted by Sir Zogi himself and put into the Grand Vault of Bullish to be reserved for overcounting blocks. The council attempted to put the keys together but the result was a staggering, bone-shattering earthquake that was felt far and wide around Bezogia. To safeguard the keys, the Mintzogi built eight heavily guarded vaults to keep the mysterious keys locked away forever, at least so they thought. Each breed of Bezogi was tasked to protect one key and one of each vault was constructed under heavy guard in the capitals of their respective territories.

The Capital Cities of Bezogia

  • Zerkistan - Home of the Zerkzogi in the southwest

  • Speeden - Home of the Speedzogi in the south

  • Darkshire - Home of the Darkzogi in the southeast

  • Fudderland - Home of the Fudzogi in the east

  • Minterfell - Home of the Mintzogi in the northeast

  • Freegrad - Home of the Freezogi in the north

  • Shieldenford - Home of the Shieldzogi in the northwest

  • Holywood - Home of the Holyzogi in the west

1016 DCE (Decentralized Era)

Following many years of painstaking research on a mysterious magical alternate universe called Etherio, The Darkzogi developed a teleportation technology that was realized in the form of an unholy dark spell. They constructed many twisted Ether Shards all around Bezogia with etheric stone refined from pure Etherio. These shards could be used to transport Bezogi from one shard to another and they formed a complex network dotted all around Bezogia. They added convenience and speed to Bezogia’s transport network but at a heavy price, which still hasn’t been fully discovered.

1000 DCE ~ 2077 DCE (Decentralized Era)

Over the next thousand years, Bezogia experienced a golden age of stability and prosperity where everyone in the land learned new things, expanded upon their lives, and built a better Bezogia everyone knew and loved. Evil, however, lurked in the shadows, wallowing in its darkness, it waited for the perfect time to strike at the heart of an unsuspecting Bezogia. The Fud King was at the center of it all, the supreme leader of the Fudzogi didn’t buy any of the values created long ago by the council. He didn’t want decentralization or centralization, he didn’t want peace or stability, only total and utter chaos. A dark age of conflict and strife looms over Bezogia and the Fud King is ready to strike!