Core Mechanics: Minting, Summoning, Renting, Staking and Trading

Legends of Bezogia offers a unique blend of game mechanics that not only enhance the gameplay experience but also provide players with opportunities to earn and grow within the game's ecosystem. These mechanics are integral to the game's structure, ensuring a dynamic and engaging environment for players.

Complementary Assets

MBLK, with its robust community support, ensures stability and growth as the ecosystem expands. Legends of Bezogia has garnered significant interest, with over 30,000 sign-ups from a diverse group, including game developers, testers, individual gamers, streamers, and guild members. Many of these participants actively engage and provide valuable feedback in our weekly sessions.

Gameplay and Earnings

What sets Legends of Bezogia apart is the array of mechanisms that amplify gameplay and foster increasing demand and incentive for players. As players advance, they're motivated to undertake more quests, earn blocks, and mint valuable weapons that command premium prices in the marketplaces. For Bezogi owners, the rental mechanism ensures consistent utilization of their Bezogi. This unique approach introduces a dynamic passive income stream for gaming NFTs. If a Bezogi owner opts to play with their character, transitions are seamless, ensuring players always have access to characters with desired attributes.

Supply and Demand Equilibrium

To cater to the growing player demand, our team has introduced a summoning feature. Bezogi owners with two characters can summon an additional Bezogi (at a cost), which is then immediately available for rental and income generation. This approach, coupled with the active daily player demand and the associated costs and cooldown periods for summoning, ensures a balanced Bezogia population.

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