Creators Economy Of Bezogia (DGaaS)

Craft Your Dreams

Enter the Realm of Creativity

In Legends of Bezogia's dynamic Dungeons, the power to craft, shape, and share your virtual worlds rests in your hands. Here, you are the master creator, architect of immersive experiences, and storyteller of epic adventures.

The Freedom to Create

  • Codeless Creativity: No coding skills are required. With intuitive visual programming interfaces, you can bring your wildest ideas to life through simple drag-and-drop actions.

  • Vast Resources: Access an extensive library of templates and assets, including characters, environments, mini-games, and effects, to bring your unique vision to life.

  • Real-time Testing: Put your creations to the test instantly. Evaluate your world's performance with a click, eliminating complex setup processes and long waits.

  • Community Collaboration: Join a thriving community of creators, where forums, tutorials, and networks provide support and camaraderie. You're never alone in your creative journey.

Monetize Your Imagination

As your masterpiece takes shape, the monetization process seamlessly integrates. The $MBLK token, a driving force in this ecosystem, intertwines with your creation. It opens doors to rewards and royalties, as players immerse themselves in your worlds.

Empowerment Beyond Creation

Beyond creation, Decentralized-Game-as-a-Service (DGaaS) positions ZOGI Labs as an infrastructure provider, enriching both creators and players. Over 95% of the value exchange occurs directly between creators and players, converting time into tangible, tradable digital assets. The remainder supports platform development and user experience, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Dive into the realm of Creators Economy of Bezogia. Create, share, and unleash your imagination in ways you never thought possible.

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