The Social Justice Warriors

The Cult of Karen - Canceling Bezogia’s Best Since 2022

The tale of The Cult of Karen is one that might leave the player shocked, dumbfounded, or even just straight-up outraged at its quest to cancel, silence and lock up Bezogia’s very best in their intellectually reprogramming prison located right in the heart of Bullish. Led by their strictly politically correct Karen-in-chief, the cult strives to bring Bezogia back into an imaginary world where everyone is equal, everyone wins and logic is quite simply ableist. Karen started off with good intentions, but her rapid success in changing the landscape of Bezogia’s thoughts got out of hand, leading to the mess she now commands in Bullish.

Karen’s World

Karen began her quest to level the playing fields of Bezogia long ago when she came to the stark conclusion that all you need to do to get heard in life is label something as hate speech, and then define hate all by yourself. Discovering this superpower, Karen began on a journey to liberate Bezogia of anyone who stands out for being successful, outspoken and unfair to the regular populace. Karen wanted a world where the rich pay for the poor, a world where successful people give up their success for lesser beings and a world where Bezogi could freely choose what breed they would like to identify as, regardless of biology or evolution. In Karen’s world, these well-known scientific facts are hate speech and ableist towards the regular woke-leaning Bezogi of today who want nothing more (according to Karen) than liberal breed fluidity.

Karen's Prison (Wokatraz)

The infamous prison located in the heart of Bullish is the stronghold of the well-known, and well-feared woke brigade, which houses Karen’s most elite activists (also known as mercenaries) who guard her prisoners who she enrolls in forced re-education programs alongside baby Bezogi that are being supported (manipulated) on their trans-breed journey.

Players entering The Prison will be presented with waves of enemies that increase in difficulty with each wave, at the end of each wave, players can rescue one of Karen’s prisoners who then join the fight to free the entire prison, with the aim of uniting all of the inmates to rally against the final boss, Karen. When players have cleared each wave, Karen will descend from her overpriced penthouse apartment above the complex and reign down hell upon the army that faces her.

Waves of Woke

Wave one: Peaceful Protestors march out of their quarters holding white picket signs and flags, they point, they shout and they hurl abuse at the players looking to clear them out.

Wave two: Violent Protestors attack in force with disorganized mob-like tactics slamming into players with the force of Karen’s might, a buff applied by Karen herself shouting down the rafters of the complex.

Wave three: Furious Activists throw paint, tar, hot soup, and anything else that ruins everything it touches at the players with surprisingly organized hit-and-run tactics.

Wave four: Karen herself descends from the rafters with her elite guard of union protesters that still demand their full hourly pay even though they’ve been on strike for weeks. Together they attack with the force that would rival the most horrific monsters in Bezogia swiftly canceling, deleting, and silencing anyone in their path.

Will you be the one to bring logic, peace, and natural competition back into Bezogia? Will you be the one to free Bezogia’s best from the dark halls of de-platforming and silence? Band together champions and bring The Cult of Karen to its knees, and keep it there, where it belongs.

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