Virtual Real Estate (Land)

According to the research published by Brand Essence Research recently published on Yahoo Finance and other platforms, the current value of the metaverse market stands at $209 Billion and is projected to grow aggressively to $700 Billion in the next 5 years.

At Legends of Bezogia, we will be creating a unique concept of land ownership with an in-built value proposition to solidify the investment proposal of this digital asset. The planned residual and/or passive rewards resources would include (but not limited to) mineable loot and airdropped loot (rarity based on tier levels), earnings from a shared reward pool, earnings from enemies being killed or quests being completed, resources as well as leasing revenue(TBD).

Offering virtual land with more utility and value than other projects in this segment as well as proving that virtual land can be worth more than real world land is the core focus of the team as we plan to launch this product before the final release of the game this year. Land sales are also planned to be done in MBLK to capture an existing ecosystem of over 31,000 decentralized holders and more than 100k participants across multiple platforms.

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