A Fully Decentralized Gaming-As-A-Service Platform and Limitless MMORPG Gaming Metaverse Designed for Non-Crypto People

The Legends of Bezogia by ZOGI Labs

INTRODUCTION (DGaaS and Envisioning a Complete Gaming Metaverse) ​​

It is with a deep sense of purpose that we delve into the intricate landscape of Decentralized Gaming-as-a-Service (DGaaS), driven by the dynamic cryptocurrency, $MBLK, within the innovative framework of the Creators Economy of Bezogia. Within this paradigm, the essence of democratized game creation takes center stage. We stand at a pivotal juncture, one where the ardent desire to craft and share digital worlds transcends traditional barriers, allowing the realization of a complete game within a remarkably brief span of 10 to 20 minutes with the Creator in complete ownership and control while running on transactional infrastructure laid out underneath by ZOGI Labs and powered by $MBLK token.

Herein lies the core premise:

  • Codeless Creativity: A testament to the user-friendly nature of Creators Economy of Bezogia, it necessitates no coding skills. Instead, it offers intuitive visual programming interfaces, permitting actions such as character/item creation and animation with effortless drag-and-drop functionalities.

  • Abundant Resources: With over 150+ builder items available at the launch of V1, access to an extensive repository of templates and assets—from characters to environments to effects—is conferred upon creators. This allows for the selection and incorporation of elements aligned with the thematic nuances of their respective games.

  • Real-time Testing: Creators Economy of Bezogia facilitates immediate evaluation of the game's performance. With a simple command, creators can engage in real-time testing, obviating the need for complex setup processes or prolonged waiting periods. Upon the creator themselves completing the test, the game can be published for players to interact with.

  • Community Synergy: In the event of queries or the need for guidance, a thriving community of creators stands ready to offer assistance. This ecosystem includes forums, tutorials, and supportive networks, ensuring that creators are never isolated in their journey.

  • Streamlined Monetization: Upon completion of the game, the process of monetization is seamlessly integrated. $MBLK, the catalyst of this ecosystem, harmoniously intertwines with the creation, affording creators the opportunity to derive rewards and royalties as players immerse themselves in their creations.

Furthermore, DGaaS extends beyond the realm of creation to position ZOGI Labs as an infrastructure provider, accentuating its role in empowering both creators and players. Remarkably, a staggering 95%+ of the value exchange remains directly between creators and players in what becomes an unparalleled conversion of time to real value (in the form of a liquid, tradable and transferable digital asset). The remaining portion is attributed to transaction and network fees, which contribute to the ever expanding foundations of platform development and user experience.

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