Chapter 3: The Great Migration

The Great Rug Pull 2077 DCE - 1 RCE (Re-Centralization Era)

The Great Migration represents the darkest and most terrifying era in modern-day Bezogia. The filthy Fud King himself, wallowing in his rage, anguish and insatiable desire for total and utter chaos, wanted to rip the lands of Bezogia asunder with a cataclysmic event no one will ever forget. Meddling with his filthy friends deep underground in the earth below Bullish, the Fud King began a monstrous construction.

He began digging an expansive dungeon deep underground below the world-famous Bullish, the seat of power for all of Bezogia. The Fud King built eight secret tunnels, digging far and wide through the grime and mud leading to each of the ancient Mintzogi vaults housing the sacred keys, which are locked away forever so that the bone-shattering earthquake of the past never happens again. The Fud King has plans to steal those keys and once again create armageddon in Bezogia.

The task was arduous, untold thousands of Fudzogi and conscripted ‘Free’zogi were shuttled in, chained and whipped, forced to dig through the mud until their dying breath, only to be crushed underfoot by the next batch of poor souls doomed to the dig. The tunnels began to take on a life of their own, the conscripts even reported hearing voices from the mud underfoot and scratching noises from inside the walls. Littered with the skeletons of the decaying dead, the tunnels grew to become the darkest and most harrowing place ever to exist in Bezogia, the Fud King’s hellhole known only as Bearish. Legend has it the sounds of hammers, saws and pickaxes can still be heard to this day deep in the tunnels along with the screams of the soon to be dead.

The Keys that Brought Bezogia Down

This isn’t a story with a happy ending where evil fails. The Fud King won, he succeeded in tunneling all the way to each and every vault spanning far and wide to every corner of Bezogia. With uncountable souls lost to the dig, the Fud King finally brought all of the keys back to his throne of filth and grime in the dark caves of the City of Bearish, and put them together one by one. As the keys came closer together they vibrated violently, they even seemed to push away from each other like the wrong end of magnets, symbolically begging their new master not to be reunited. Nevertheless, the Fud King smashed them together in a grand ceremony of disgust and wretched celebration knowing he had finally stolen the ancient magic of Bezogia from right underneath their feet.

Upon combining the keys, the toe-curling earthquakes recorded long ago came crashing back into modern existence. The ground rumbled, buildings Bezogia wide fell and the sky went pitch black. The sounds of imminent death and terror filled the streets and Bezogi, after living through an era of peace and stability were plunged into darkness and chaos. Bezogia was ripped apart at the seams and sundered into nine huge islands, with Bullish, and Bearish right at the center of it all.

The New Landscape:

  • The Isle of Zerkzogia is now the former Zerkistan

  • The Isle of Speedzogia is now the former Speeden

  • The Isle of Darkzogia is now the former Darkshire

  • The Isle of Fudzogia is now the former Fudderland

  • The Isle of Mintzogia is now the former Minterfell

  • The Isle of Freezogia is now the former Freegrad

  • The Isle Shieldzogia is now the former Shieldenford

  • The Isle of Holyzogia is now the former Holywood

This cataclysmic event that ripped Bezogia asunder was later recorded as The Great Rug Pull.

The Evil That Followed

Following the events of The Great Migration, the Fud King, now basking in his twisted victory, enslaved the Darkzogi to summon amalgamated pawns from Etherio and other universes to carry on his campaign of destabilization and chaos. These twisted horrors from beyond the lands of Bezogia served the Fud King, establishing his reign of terror over and under the now battered and broken islands of Bezogia.

It was the keys, when brought together, that opened the door to Sir Zogi’s vault buried beneath Bullish that caused the cataclysm that reshaped Bezogia forever. Sir Zogi’s secret vault was originally created as a central bank of blocks, but was later buried and locked, never to be cracked open again when Sir Zogi came to the historic conclusion that decentralization was the eternal truth.

The Fud King had other ideas, he plans to consume the blocks to summon a grotesque horde of minions, giving him untold wealth and power. The utterly vile slurry of remnants spewed up from the consumption of the blocks spawns his vast army of minions. It is the Fud King who now rules the land, with his vast bank of blocks to be used to further his reign of terror. Consuming so many blocks has mutilated the Fud King giving him otherworldly strength and a horrifying appearance. Bezogia is in dire need of heros to take on the filthy Fud King and restore balance to Bezogia.

This is the first year of the Re-Centralization Era (RCE), Bezogi are fighting tooth and nail against the Fud King’s vile horde of footsoldiers to bring Bezogia back to a decentralized state of harmony.

Bezogia needs you!

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