Chapter 1: Genesis

The Genesis of Bezogia

A long time ago in a land where magic really does exist, there was, well, nothing. Nothing apart from the endless expanse of Hashing Sea, a rather eloquent representation of the blockchain we all know and love. On this endless Hashing Sea existed the spirit of none other than Sir Zogi Nakamoto, who spent his life washing over the waves mining every single hash to create the blocks needed to build the great land of Bezogia. He had great plans, plans that needed materials, vision, and a dedicated team of developers to design, test, code, and well, gamify!

After many eons crashing over the hashing waves Sir Zogi began to deeply and thoroughly contemplate the meaning of his very existence, he felt empty, without purpose or drive. After endlessly deliberating theories on what he could do with all these blocks he finally cracked it. The Magical Blocks, a peer-to-peer magical cash system for Bezogia. He promptly put together a Whitepaper, nailed down the specifics, and got to work.

Following his grand epiphany, Sir Zogi collided his first hashes together as he created the first block himself for others to follow. Blocks are for everyone, and everyone will use, live and thrive from the blocks. Sir Zogi then infused specific emotions into the colors of each block.

The Iconic Blocks of Bezogia

  • Blocks infused with passion turned Red

  • Blocks infused with agility turned Yellow

  • Blocks infused with determination turned Blue

  • Blocks infused with mercy turned White

  • Blocks infused with freedom turned Green

  • Blocks infused with wisdom turned Black

  • Blocks infused with perseverance turned Gold

  • Blocks infused with all negative emotions turned Orange

These countless colored blocks began to form together to become the land of Bezogia, a vast and beautiful landscape stretching far and wide, a continent like never seen before floating on the endless Sea of Hash. The process of building Bezogia brought Sir Zogi back to life, he returned as the epic entity he once was, seeing his land of wonder finished he decided upon his final act, the cherry on top to finish Bezogia. The solution was decentralization.

The Bezogi

In order for Sir Zogi to decentralize the land of Bezogia, he created the colored blocks with some kind of mystical magic, which has been debated ever since, he then vanished, never to be seen again in his original form. These blocks formed together in Sir Zogi’s image, they could move, they could think, they could craft, fight and wage war. They were sentient beings, born in the image of Sir Zogi to carry out his will of decentralization. The Bezogi were born, and Sir Zogi was lost to the endless cosmic vastness of space, sometimes felt but never seen. One day he may return, the Bezogi wait eagerly for that special day, hoping to meet their maker.

Bezogi actually means ‘act like Sir Zogi or Be-zogi’. The world of Bezogia was now filled with Bezogi of all shapes and sizes following their own disciplines and ideas, which at the end of the day all lead back to their own way of keeping Bezogia decentralized. It was recorded that this was the first year of the Decentralization Era. The era of Sir Zogi and his grand creations which now fill the land we live in.

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