The Magical Worlds of Bezogia

There are 9 worlds in Legends of Bezogia: one for each breed and the Neutral Land at the center. Some of the maps will be released after the launch to add new places to explore regularly. There will also be some dungeons where quests and enemies can be particularly challenging for the players.

The Neutral Land

The Neutral Land, otherwise known as Bezogia, is the center of the world of Legends of Bezogia and is the place where the player starts. It is also currently the largest map in the game with 34 square kilometers of land to explore.

There is a large diversity of landscapes on this map, from forests to mountains and deserts. Other maps are more theme based.

The Neutral Land is also home to the cosmopolitan city of Bullish.


Bearish is a large dungeon under the city of Bullish. It is a very dangerous zone with lava and high level enemies like Donald Dump.


As the land of the fierce Zerkzogi, Zerkzogia has a huge PVP arena at its center where Bezogi fight each others to death to gain blocks.


Speedzogia is the land of the Speedzogi, known for their speed and their love of blocks. The PVP racing mini game, Zogi Kart, will be played in the Speedzogian Race Track.


Shieldzogia is the home of the brave Shieldzogi, the defenders of Bezogia.

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